Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, School of Engineering

The University of Tokyo


Dr. Kou OKURO was born in Kanagawa in 1983.  He received B. Sc from Keio University (2006) under the guidance of Prof. Hiromichi Ohta.  He completed his Ph.D for development of “molecular glue” designed for non-covalent chemical modification of biomacromolecules under the direction of Prof. Takuzo Aida at the University of Tokyo (2011).  Then, he began his academic carrier at the University of Tokyo as an assistant professor.  His research interests include biomimetic chemistry and chemical biology for medicinal and clinical application.


BS. Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University (2006)

MS. Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (2008)

Ph.D Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (2011)


2008.4–2011.3: JSPS Research Fellow, The University of Tokyo

2011.4–Present: Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo


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