Self–Healable Polymer Glass
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NHK Newshttps://www.nhk.or.jp/d-navi/science/report/report_180115-2/
ES  Newshttps://www.standard.co.uk/tech/selfhealing-glass-accidentally-created-by-japanese-student-could-prevent-smashed-phones-a3722186.html

We are Exploring all aspects of supramolecular chemistry and materials sciences.  in particular, we focus on the development of state-of-the-art smart molecules and materials capable of addressing fundamental and social issues of energy and health.

Our researches are quite interdisciplinary and characterized by elaborately engineered exotic molecules that tailor superb functions.  the design strategy makes use of basic knowledges of organic chemistry and macromolecular science that are occasionally combined with ideas of physical chemistry including photochemistry and electrochemistry.  In many cases, lessons from biological phenomena are important.

We are all enthusiastic.  come and join us, and enjoy emergence and serendipity!

Dr. Takuzo aiDA  
on behalf of the Group